Sci-Fi Movies 2019: See You Yesterday

See you yesterday tells the story of Claudette “CJ” Walker and Sebastian Thomas. They are two brilliant kids who love science and one day finally develop the technology to time travel. But on July 4, CJ’s brother Calvin is shot dead by a police officer in a case of mistaken identity, and their ticket out of the Bronx and into a better school becomes CJ’s only hope at saving her brother.

The first time CJ and Sebastian attempt to travel back in time, to stop Calvin from being shot, they fail. The second time, CJ saves her brother but loses Sebastian. Next time she impedes Sebastian’s death but still loses her brother. And then, Sebastian refuses to time travel anymore.

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That’s when CJ grabs her backpack and poofs herself back in time. As long as she runs down the street, the camera goes up slowly from her feet to her face and closer into her nervous eyes and look of conviction. And that’s all. That’s where the movie stops. So, according to its director, Stefon Bristol, he purposely left the ending up to interpretation. “I didn’t want the film to be wrapped up in a bow. I didn’t give a clear answer about what happened, or let you know if the brother died or not,” he says.

I totally recommend this movie, that tells the reality of the black community in the US where the police kill black people at disproportionate rates being the result of intolerance and prejudice, something as harmful and as the mistaken identity.

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