Sci-Fi as Inspiration in Fashion

Some fashion designers are Science-fiction fan. Sometimes they used their favorite futuristic films as inspiration for their clothing, often blending the lines of sci-fi and fashion. Sometimes, it’s fantastic. Other times, it’s not. Designers and trendsetters have taken inspiration from sci-fi for decades.

Vivienne Westwood cites the Blade Runner as inspiration for her 1983 Punkature designs. Even today, Yohji Yamamoto carries the film’s inspiration forward. It’s no secret that Nicolas Ghesquière, for example, is a sci-fi fan. The designer said when explaining his Spring 2007 show for the latter that he “was thinking of robotic articulation. Car parts. Droids. A boyish silhouette . . .” He used as reference Tron in his collections for Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga.

Image from Vivienne Westwood – The Exhibition, Museums Sheffield: Millennium Gallery 29 May – 21 September 2008©

In 2011, Nike shoe designers used to Marty McFly from Back to the Future as inspiration by recreating the shoes that were used in the movie.

Like them to many others have used or have taken as inspiration science-fiction movies, at the moment to create their collections, and to be honest, I really think that this will not stop here.

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