Current Projects

All Your Base: Last Of Last™ (or “All Your Base LOL” or “AYBLOL”) is an animated parody mock trailer short science fiction comedy steampunk spoof film based on a classic internet meme “All Your Base Are Belong To Us”, circa 1998. This is the absolute final last remake of “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” (until someone else remakes it, of course).

♦ Coming Soon… Freak

INVASION 6™ is a science fiction adventure film set in space. Ranor, the fleet commander, and Alianna, the planetary surveyor, accept a mission of a lifetime – to explore an uncharted nebula. Just as they are about to embark, they are blindsided by a ferocious attack from unidentified forces. In the blink of the eye, their objective changes from lofty exploration to sheer survival.

Last Refuge™ is a present day science fiction short film screenplay. After a spectacular destruction of the surface of the earth by a meteor shower, the survivors in an underground habitat are running out of food and fuel – now it’s time to vote on who will live and who will die.

♦ Coming Soon… Manifest Destiny

♦ Coming Soon… Robin The Might Red Breast

♦ Coming Soon… Rose and Co

♦ Coming Soon… Untitled Children’s Book

♦ Coming Soon… Untitled WWII Pacific Theater Trilogy

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