If Zero Stop


If Zero Stop is a fast paced card game where objective is to be the player with the highest number of points. There are only three cards:

the “minus” card – worth negative one

the “plus” card – worth positive one

the “zero” card – worth, you guessed it, zero!


Card Game: If Zero Stop

Number of cards: 54 card deck

Players: 2 to 6

Age: 4 and over

Objective: Get the most points


If you are interested on getting IF ZERO STOP


Each package comes with one card case, instructions, and 54 cards. There are 18 “plus” cards, 18 “minus” cards, and 18 “zero” cards in each deck. You can download the official rules in your language or see the English version below:

Download Rules in US English

Download Rules in French

Download Rules in Spanish

“If Zero Stop TM” Official Rules, V1.0

1. If you want to play multiple rounds, the official number of rounds is 10; however, any number can be picked by the players before the game begins.

2. Pick a random person to go first. Shuffle the deck. Each person draws from the top of the deck, nothing is dealt out.

3. First player picks the top card of the deck and shows it face up to everyone.

4. If a Zero is picked, stop. Add that card face up to your card pile.

5. If it’s a Minus, keep the Minus; however, from your card pile, throw away a Zero; if none, then throw away a Plus; if still none, then throw away a Minus; if you have no cards at all, throw away the Minus card you just picked up, face up. Stop.

6. If it’s a Plus, keep the Plus and grab another card from the deck and repeat until you have to stop.

7. Next player’s turn. Keep on playing until the whole deck is used up once, then see who won.

8. Each player counts up the value of the cards: Zero is worth “0”. Plus is worth “+1”. Minus is worth “-1”. Throw away Zeroes. Then, throw away each Plus and Minus pair since they cancel out. Whatever is left, add up the points, highest wins.

9. Repeat until all rounds are finished!

10. There is no rule number 10.

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“If Zero StopTM” ● Copyright © talcMedia Productions ● Game Rules v1.0