All Your Base: Last Of Last – The Card Game

A fast paced 2 to 6 player game pitting players against each other to see who will rule the universe by capturing “All Your Base”!


Fights using Zigs, Destroyers, Battle Cruisers, Dreadnoughts and the Zero Wing ship! It’s not all it seems, there are RED ALERT cards that can throw your plan awry! You have no chance to survive, make your time. Ha, ha, ha. Ha!


Strategy Card Game: All Your Base: Last Of Last
Number of cards: 108 card deck
Players: 2 to 6
Age: 5 and over
Objective: Capture (All Your) Base!


Check this video and get all the tips and tricks to WIN at All Your Base: Last of Last – The Card Game!

The World of “All Your Base: Last Of Last”

We launched All Your Base: Last Of Last, the animated spoof short film that parodies one of the first and most remembered memes of Internet. The definitive “final remake” of the original meme, done in the form of a trailer, is voiced over by an all-star science fiction cast.

So far, the film has been shown at eight film festivals targeting science fiction, comic-con, and gaming audiences internationally. As today, we got an impressive number of hits on the video and counting! Following the well-received debut of the movie, we released a card game named “All Your Base: Last of Last – The Card Game,” in conjunction with the launching of the film to all audiences across the world. Now All Your Card Game Are Belong To Us!

As we already mentioned, the action in this game in inspired in the short film we produced. The year is AD 2101, and the context is an intergalactic war.

CATS, the villain, is trying to capture all bases to get more and more power, so your objective is to do it first. It is fun to act like the villain every time you hurt your enemies in the game. So you can go “ha, ha, ha. HA!”. In fact, you have to; it’s part of the rules. And if you win, you MUST say, with your best villain face: “All Your Base Are Belong To Us,” just like in the original movie.

Notice the bad grammar? Well, it’s not English, it’s Engrish. (The Japanese actually call it Japanese-English or “Jinglish”, the Americans came up with “Engrish”.) That was the case with the Arcade game “Zero Wing”, which gave origin to one of the funniest memes of all times. And today, it is a new epic short film!

All Your Base Game

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