Dreadnought: Invasion Six

Existence to Extinction is One Short Triptm

Dreadnought: Invasion Sixtm is a science fiction adventure story set in the distant future. Lord Commodore Ranor Broxton of the Space Battle Cruiser Orius and Lady Alianna Broxton of the Planet Pirene Garrison are spearheading an exploration to Lagarto Nebula. They are looking forward to getting started. It is the first time they will on the same mission since they were married.

A brand new trailer is currently in production. Stay tuned! Visit the Latest Updates page for more details! The animated feature film is currently in pre-production!

The Dreadnought: Invasion Six comic book series is now available as an electronic graphic novel. It’s available in the Kindle Fire format. Download directly from to your Kindle Fire compatible unit; or, to your Android or Apple devices using the free Kindle App from 

Please note, the dialog is in English only!

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Claudia Christian

Commander Ivannova in Babylon 5

Cliff Simons

Ba’al in Stargate SG1


  • Colin Baker (The 6th Doctor in Doctor Who)
  • Robin Brooke (Stage: Singing in the Rain)
  • Nicola Bryant (Peri in Doctor Who)
  • Paris Jackson (Goddess Athena in Xena)
  • Katy Manning (Jo Grant in Doctor Who)
  • Terry Molloy (Davros in Doctor Who)
  • Lizzie Roper (Doctor Who BBC Radio Series)
  • Tadao Tomomatsu (Inspector Furuoka in Heroes)
  • Musetta Vander (Ilainus in Xena)