Written by Alan Smithee
    Produced by Richard F. Roszko
    Directed by Richard F. Roszko

    All Your Base: Last of Last™ (or “All Your Base LOL” or “AYBLOL”) is an animated parody mock trailer short science fiction comedy steampunk spoof film based on a classic internet meme “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” – from the last century, circa 1998. This short film was accepted into eight film festivals and the audiences loved it! This is the absolute final last remake of “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” until someone else remakes it again, of course…

    The voiceovers were done by well know science fiction actors from film, television, and radio:

    Colin Baker
    Claudia Christian
    Cliff Simon
    Lizzie Roper
    Terry Molloy

    Colin Baker
    as Captain
    • from Doctor Who as The Sixth Doctor Colin’s Official Website IMDb Profile
    Claudia Christian
    as Mechanic
    • from Babylon 5 as Commander Ivanova Claudia’s Official Website IMDb Profile
    Cliff Simon
    as Narrator
    • from Stargate SG-1 as Ba’al – Cliff Simon deceased IMDb Profile
    Lizzie Roper
    as Operator
    • from Doctor Who BBC Radio series Lizzie’s Agent’s Website IMDb Profile
    Terry Molloy
    as CATS
    • from Doctor Who as Davros of the Daleks Terry’s Official Website IMDb Profile

    ALL YOUR BASE: LAST OF LAST – The Trailers

    Bonus! Or is it torture? Here are the trailers for the short film. All three of them. Some of the trailers are as long as the short film! Trailer #2 was used as a promo piece at one film festival, how cool is that?

    Trailer #1

    This is the first trailer (or preview) for “All Your Base: Last Of Last”. It introduces the voice over actors for each one of the characters.

    Trailer #2

    Zero Wing: “The Ballad of Great Justice” with scenes from ALL YOUR BASE: LAST OF LAST sung to the tune of Gilligan’s Island.

    Permission from Warner Brothers on Gilligan’s Island theme • Permission from Tatsuya Uemura on Zero Wing soundtrack

    Trailer #3

    Get to see the differences between the old and the new. Check the 80’s Arcade game that inspired the movie and how our animators brought the Zero Wing fun to ALL YOUR BASE: LAST OF LAST.

    Movie Stills

    These are the official stills from the short film. These can be used for editorial purposes – please do contact us if you will be using any of tacMedia’s content. Thank you.