Abby Road Exclusive Listening Session is on September 26, and Rick Roszko will be there!

Abby Road, one of the most popular albums of the legendary rock and roll band The Beatles, is going to be remastered (with additional cuts) and re-released on September 27. One day before, an extraordinary event presented by Hilton Honors will be held, and Richard F. Roszko will attend.

On September 26, the Abbey Road Studios will open doors to receive some special guests on board in this experience. Rick will be at the mythical Studio Two on the 50th anniversary of the first release of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album. After a cocktail reception in the very studio where our favorite Beatles’ album was recorded, our commander will enjoy an immersive playback of the recently remastered edition of the album that hasn’t been yet released. Amazing, right? Rick Roszko will be one of the first people to listen to the newly remixed Abbey Road!

©️Music Radar –Abbey Road Studios – Studio Two Control Room

Not only that, but this experience also includes exploring a recreation of the original setup for the 1969 recording! Original instruments and equipment, and access to see how records are produced in the legendary control room are two of the additional perks that Rick will fancy in London, UK. Some surprises may be on store, stay tuned because we will keep you posted this week.

©️The Beatles – Abbey Road album cover

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