Technology Developments 2019

At the beginning of every year, technology developments help us to determine how the year will be mold. They will shape the modern world and the future and also will be present on the horizon of business owners and investors.

Emerging technology trends can seem fleeting, but some become integral to business and form the backbone of tomorrow’s technology innovation.

First of all, we need to talk about 5G technology because without this none of the following developments will work. 5G connection is the next generation of mobile broadband that one day will replace, or at least boost, your 4G LTE connection.

Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has existed since 1956. Indeed, five out of six Americans use AI services every day, including navigation apps, streaming services, smartphone personal assistants, ride-sharing apps, personal home assistants, and smart home devices. Also, AI is used to schedule trains, determine business risk, predict maintenance, and increase energy efficiency, among many other money-saving tasks.

2019 Futuristic Technologies | talcMedia

Moreover, machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the capacity to learn and improve, automatically, from experience without being programmed. Since ten years ago, machine learning has given us self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, and effective web search.

2019 Futuristic Technologies | talcMedia

Internet of Things (IoT) is the future. Many “things” are now being created with WiFi connectivity, they can be connected to the Internet and to each other. IoT permit devices, home appliances, cars, and much more to be linked to and exchange data over the Internet. And we’re only in the beginning phases of IoT: The quantity of IoT devices reached 8.4 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach 30 billion devices by 2020. But what impact is it going to have on you, if any? There is a lot of complexity around the “Internet of things,” but let’s stick to the basics.

On a deeper scale, the IoT can be used in things like transportation networks, “smart cities” which can help us reduce waste and get better the efficiency for things such as energy use; this is helping us understand and improve how we work and live. 

The reality is that the IoT allows for virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place, many of which we can’t even think of or fully understand the impact of today.

2019 Futuristic Technologies | talcMedia

What is a blockchain? In simple terms, a blockchain can be named as an append-only transaction ledger. It means that the ledger can be written onto with new data, but the preceding information, stored in blocks, cannot be modified, adapted, or changed. This is achieved by using cryptography to link the contents of the newly added block, with each block before it.  Any edition to the contents of a previous block would invalidate the data in all blocks after it.

2019 Futuristic Technologies | talcMedia

In the end, technology has the power to do many changes in the world, in areas like medicine, transportation, communications, in on our daily lives. It’s privileged to be living in a time where technology and science can help us, make our lives more comfortable.


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