WorldCon Dublin 2019

The WorldCon is “the annual convention of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS)” and this year took place in the capital and largest city of Ireland: Dublin!

The Convention Centre Dublin was the headquarters of this fantastic meeting, and also was Point Square, but fringe events took place in the Science Gallery, Irish Film Institute, the Fishamble Theatre, and Fairview Park.

WorldCon Dublin 2019 | talcMedia
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Here the leading accolade is the Hugo Award which is “a set of literary awards voted on by members of the current World Science Fiction Convention.”

In addition to many guests of honor, like academic Jocelyn Bell Burnell, game designer Steve Jackson and author Diane Duane; several featured artists appeared on the convention program.

At the end of the days, in their own words: “we did it; a WorldCon in Dublin. And it was brilliant. And maybe one day, we’ll do it again.”

Our CEO, Director and Filmmaker Richard F. Roszko, was also present participating in the convention. He got a wonderful experience! Stay tuned with his Instagram, to get all the amazing snapshots of this trip.

Next year, the location will be in New Zealand, so we will be waiting to enjoy a new convention.

WorldCon Dublin 2019 | talcMedia

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