Coming soon to Noho 7 in Los Angeles, CA!

The Short Film Series 2019, a wonderful festival presented by Fourwalled, is aimed to showcase “the best Short Live-Action, Animation, and Documentary diverse films, from filmmakers around the world including films qualifying for the Academy Awards.” Wait… WHAAAAAAAAATTT?! 😲 The Academy Awards??!!

Yes, as you just read. All Your Base: Last of Last will be sharing the screen with the most amazing short films from all around the world in a week specially conceived for short-film lovers. But SciFi geeks also get something special: All Your Base: Last of Last is a glorifying revival of one of the most popular Internet memes. Remember? All your base are belong to us! Ha, ha, ha.

The meme is back in a stunning 3D animated science fiction steampunk comedy spoof short film parody. Don’t miss it, don’t miss this great festival. All Your Base: Last of Last will be screened from July 26th to August 1st, 7 pm at the Laemmle NoHo 7.


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