Richard Roszko is meeting Dave Duchovny in Nashville! (Updated)

On December 8, Richard Roszko, Producer/Director, and CEO of talcMedia will be to meeting Dave Duchovny and his band in Nashville, thanks to Hilton Honors. The legendary Fox Mulder of the X-Files TV Series is presenting his successful singles, accompanied by his talented musicians on December 9. Rick will have lunch with David and will attend to his private dress rehearsal before the concert. David Duchovny recorded his first album, Hell or High Water, in 2015, receiving good critical reviews.

Watch the official video of his song “Hell or High Water”:


David Duchovny was the protagonist of the TV Series, Californication (2007-2014). This story is about the life of Hank Moody, a famous New York novelist who suffers a creative crisis due to the success of his latest bestseller (God Hates Us All). Later on, the book is adapted to produce a movie titled “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Following this event, Hank decides to move from New York to Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Karen. However, something happens during the filming; Hank Moody realizes that the film adaptation is not related to his book. The atmosphere of Los Angeles affects his life and his relationship with Karen, falling into an uncontrolled spiral of pleasures, sex, and alcohol.

Californication is a story that keeps the protagonist on the edge of the abyss, with a huge desire to get the more out of life

David Duchovny as Hank Moody in Californication (Season 7, Episode 1). – Photo: Jordan Althaus/SHOWTIME

Watch Californication, The Official Trailer (Season 1):

The X-Files, The Revival!

Fourteen years after finishing the season 9, and eight years after shooting the film (X-Files: I Want to Believe), the Fox network launched a new season of X-Files in 2016. In this season, Mulder and Scully get back to action after the FBI closed the X-Files unit. In the first chapter, a conspiration theorist turns to Mulder and Scully concerned about a supposed government conspiracy. The Season 10 was launched in 2016 with six episodes. On April 20, 2017, the Fox network officially announced that The X-Files would be returning for an eleventh season of ten episodes.

The series 11th season started in January 2018. In the first episode, Scully has a vision of the future that involved her son with Mulder and herself. Then, someone reveals that some DNA impregnated Scully during an abduction.

This new stage of the X-Files is full of action!

Watch the Season 10 Trailer:

…and check out the Season 11 Trailer:

David Duchovny and his Musical Career

David Duchovny started in music four years before releasing his first album (Hell or High Water). By learning to play the guitar, he took his first steps in music. After that, he has built a musical career with discipline.

Everything started when Brad Davidson, president of the Boston label ThinkSay Records, heard the first demos of David. He immediately noticed his influences: R.E.M, Bob Dylan, Flaming Lips, and Leonard Cohen. Weather is the backing band of David Duchovny, consisting of Berklee musicians. Colin Lee, a member of this band, has been the producer of David’s musical career.

David Duchovny’s music features a folk rock, alternative rock, and country music sound.

Check the song “Every Third Thought,” played in Paste Studios, NY (1/29/2018):”

“Hell or High Water”, The Debut Studio Album

Hell and Highwater (2015) is the first studio album of David Duchovny and his band, recorded by ThinkSay Records. Duchovny enters the front door in music, with excellent references like Lou Reed, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan. Of these big stars, David learned his first guitar chords. David Duchovny is mainly a poet who found his way of expression in music. David is also a songwriter.

This debut album has eleven songs written by David Duchovny and composed by the musicians of his backing band.

Hell or High Water Songs:

“Let It Rain”
“Hell or Highwater”
“The Things”
“The Rain Song”
“Undone Undone”
“Lately It’s Always December”
“Another Year”
“When the Time Comes”
“Positively Madison Avenue”

Watch David Duchovny singing “Hell or High Water” – Live at The Red Room @ Cafe 939