talcMedia Productions is an entertainment company, continually working on multiple projects which are in various stages of completion; including, but not limited to: movies, music, games, and apps for Android and Apple.

Our latest projects will blow your mind, check the site to discover more. For any comments, suggestions, questions, please contact us here. We will reply as fast as a zig pilot.

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Our Movies

All Your Base: Last of Last

A 3 minute 33 second short animated comedy science fiction movie

Dreadnought: Invasion Six

A feature length science fiction adventure film in pre-production

The Last Refuge

A short science fiction film, in pre-production

Undead Undergrads

A feature length college comedy, in pre-production

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A fast paced 2 to 6 player game pittting players against each other to see who will rule the universe by capturing “All Your Base”!

a fast paced card game where objective is to be the player with the highest number of points

It is used in conjunction with the Nuclear War series games by Flying Buffalo. This app is only the electronic “spinner” for the games

Who is talcMedia?

Rick Roszko

THE BIG BOSS | Filmmaker & Producer | Games Designer and Geek Creative

Cheryl Coello

PR & MARKETING | Internet Lover and Digital Creative