• Manifest Destiny

      There is no escape from an enemy who is everywhere. Read more
    • INVASION 6™

      Existence to Extinction is One Small Step. Read more
    • Undead Undergrads™

      One's dead. One's Immortal. Can they get along as college roommates? Read more
    • Robin The Mighty Red Breast™

      This mighty bird knows no fear. Read more
    • All Your Base: Last Of Last™

      All Your Base Are Belong To Us. Read more
    • Freak: The True Story of an Insecurity Addict™

      An abuse survivor begins to learn from her own dumbass mistakes. Read more
    • Last Refuge

      The chance of all of the known meteors striking the Earth is 0.002%. We just didn’t count on an unknown one. Read more
    • Hurt Magic™

      Love myself? I'd rather be a werewolf. Read more
    • Pen and Petri™

      Follow along the adventures of the artist (Pen) and the scientist (Petri). Read more

    Welcome to talcMedia

    Welcome to talcMedia™

    talcMedia™ is a multimedia entertainment company continually working on multiple projects which are in various stages of completion, including, but not limited to: project services, film, video, games, music, books, ebooks, art, and other forms of fun.

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